Life Medicity Hospital, Jabalpur, India

Life Medicity Hospital is built up in 86000 sq ft campus and In house facilites for over 30 multi & Super specialities available all under one roof. We are also the Pionner of Mahakaushal’s First International Piles Clinic & GI Physiology Lab. We are provided conducted to provide best health care facility for the people of the Mahakaushal and Vindhya Region

A 200 badded facility offers treatment across all Medical disciplines of Cardilogy. Oncology medical & Surgical,Neurology and Neuro Surgery, Gynecology & Obstertrics, Bariatic Surgery,Knee Replacment,Urology, Nephrology,Orthopedic and Joint Replacment, Advanced Cosmetic Surgery, Pulmonology, Pediatric and Neonatal care etc. A team of eminent consultant have ensured that the highest standard are always maintained. Our Aim has always been to bring world-class medical care within the reach on Common man. READ MORE...

 Previously used themes

  2005: Future of Modern Surgery
  2006: Progress and Dilemmas of Day Surgery.10
  2007: Super specialty as Day Case.
  2008: Towards Day-Care Millennium.
  2010: One Day Surgery: a New revolution.
  2012: Day Care Surgery: Mother of all surgeries.
  2014: Day Surgery: Making it happen.
  2016: Recent advances in Day surgery.
  2018: Developments in Day Care Surgery;

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